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East London – South Africa

East London has long, white stretches of sandy beach that appeal to surfers, swimmers and sun worshippers alike. The beaches here are some of the finest in the world and a few, like Nahoon Reef, are a surfer’s paradise and host to international surfing competitions.

Wildlife and Safari – South Africa

The South African wilderness, engages all your senses from the very first moment, sparked to life when you first hear the distant roar of a lion, the laugh of a hyena in the night, or the song of thousands of cicada beetles at midday. Experience the heightening of these senses when you first spot a […]

The Best Of South Africa

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, is renowned for its varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity. It is the world’s biggest producer of gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese and alumino-silicates. South Africa has the fourth largest coal reserves in the world.

Sun Soaked Coastal Beaches – South Africa

South Africa’s sun-soaked coast lies ready, all-year round, to share its secrets, adventures with you. With golden beaches and unspoiled nature, it’s more than just the place where the cool Atlantic and warm Indian Oceans meet. It’s 2500km of pure wanderlust. Get right up close to a thousand dancing and diving dolphins, a Southern Right […]

Scenic Scenery – South Africa

No matter which province you’re in, you’re always right around the corner from something breath-taking. Among mountains that look like they’ve been painted on the horizon and wide open panoramas that run further than your eyes can see, an elastic thread of tarmac transports you through a country that shifts and changes right before your […]

Port Elizabeth – South Africa

Port Elizabeth, or ‘PE’ as it is known locally, is a Port City and holiday destination on the Eastern Cape Sunshine Coast of South Africa, known for its excellent beaches, water-sports, waterfront, wildlife attractions and its friendly people – hence the name ‘The Friendly City’.

Northern Cape – South Africa

Most famous for the diamond mines around Kimberley, it also has mining activities for Manganese and iron ore. It also has a substantial agricultural area around the Orange River, including most of South Africa’s sultana vineyards. Steeped in stark, semi-desert beauty, the Northern Cape province is the largest of all the South African provinces and […]

Limpopo – South Africa

Bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Limpopo is famous for its Baobab trees, with the biggest one in the world situated here. Baobab trees are extremely large African trees sometimes described as “upside-down trees” due to their shortened branches that look more like roots. … The Baobabs have hollow trunks providing homes for many animals.

Gauteng – South Africa

Contains enormous concentrations of gold, mainly in the ridge of gold-bearing rock in the south known as the Witwatersrand, where Johannesburg is located. Gauteng’s attractions include museums, galleries, historical battlefields and it is also an entertainment playground offering world-class restaurants, shebeens, shopping malls and music venues.

Eastern Cape – South Africa

An exhilarating experience from the bustling port cities of Port Elizabeth and East London with the blue flag beaches of the Eastern Cape such as Kings Beach, to the rural tranquillity of the Transkei. With the cosmopolitan feeling in some of the urban centres, there is always an element of the untamed, just below the […]

Almanity Resort – Hoi An

Incredible spa, with rich in culture and ancient traditions, has everything the heart, soul, and body, you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in their wellness journeys with the spa treatment, know that peace will greet as soon as you enter the spa and your Soul guide will help you embark on a wellness journey where […]

Viceroy – Bali

Crowning a secluded ridge above Bali’s Valley of the Kings, Viceroy Bali is a luxurious retreat for those seeking the exclusive, exotic, and elegant in all things. With mesmerizing views of the serene valley below, and once a favoured retreat of royals, the resort offers six categories of expansive yet intimate villas, each with its […]

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