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SGLuxe Collection facilitates connections, enable collaborations, and build communities. Our objective is to build and shape the future you want. Work together with sellers and buyers in the travel industry to develop your business under the new game changer.

 As an account-based marketing solutions provider, we connect international travel industry sellers to buyers in Asia for business opportunities and create customised strategies for each B2B client, based on your needs and goals. We have the group of knowledge-based experts with industry connections who can deliver competitive partners on the right soil to engage business success.

Our dedicated team of customer focused experts provide relevant business solutions to connect you to the modern audience to promote your brand and services through established and emerging channels, harnessing new elements to engage potential partners. Our strong commitment and development has given stakeholders continuous success in developing businesses across Asia. Our experts’ strengths include sourcing for business opportunities, building long term relationships and providing a range of services to ensure a healthy return on investment.

SGLuxe adopts a strategic and innovative approach in our commitment to increase awareness, market share, revenue and profitability in the most cost-effective manner. We make it easy for you to grow your network by introducing incredible sellers and buyers to meet business opportunities to kickstart and grow your business. Lifestyle travel is the key phenomenal growth in travel demand, to boost and grow your market share from this dynamic region.

SGLuxe focuses on business with value-added options to target luxury audience for our products and work with all travel industry partners. Our service is custom-made and highly flexible, our products and services can be arranged on ad-hoc basis. SGLuxe is well positioned to offer you a significant advantage in achieving your business goals through comprehensive sales and marketing service to help you meet your revenue share.

The right budget to increase market share for Asia; to tap into a new market in Asia; set incremental targets for Asia market; gain market share for Asia region from your competitors and increase your global and destination market source. In addition, SGLuxe provides staff development to train the trainers. We offer essential hospitality skills and train beginners who are looking for career opportunities, with flexible training programs.

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